The Prudent Retiree- December 2017

“It’s just a thought. It can be changed.”

          - Lu

Lu was a mythical Brazilian mystic. Of course we don’t know when or where she lived. Myth says she was a person of great compassion who helped those who were confused and distressed.

So what about the market, Lu? It does seem confusing. Headlines seem to scream bad news that should give the market pause. Our thoughts about the level of the market are worrisome. Can it go higher? Should we get out?

Lu would tell us to be calm and listen to the market itself. The market is thinking positively now and that is something to ponder. It is not the time for knee jerk reactions.

It is always the time to carefully consider the world around us and work to manage risk and expectations. As Lu said, thoughts can be changed. Our concern is what the market is thinking. That, among other considerations will dictate our counsel.

Prudent Retiree wishes everyone good tidings and a wonderful holiday season. Enjoy the blessings of family and friends.


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