What Does Retirement Mean To You?

Everyone defines an ideal retirement differently. We appreciate how hard you’ve worked to get to this point. We take the time to understand what retirement means to each of our clients and clearly identify their goals and needs. Together, we help develop a viable plan with the goal to position our clients to enjoy the lifestyle they have worked hard to attain. 

Invested In Your Future

Our investment professionals and highly skilled staff have more than 100 years of combined industry experience. Horseman Group uses a personal touch and a customized investment plan to manage clients’ portfolios and income. We are vested in your financial future and understand that the only constant in the market is change. To help guard against devastating loss, Horseman Group focuses on risk management. Our core belief is that avoiding large losses and conserving capital are the keys to winning the retirement game. 

We constantly monitor the markets and our portfolios to manage risk and identify profitable opportunities. Clients can rest assured that our disciplined process always has their best interests in mind.  


Scope of Services

Comprehensive Retirement Planning

Investment, Income & Risk Management

IRA Rollovers (401(k), 403(b))



Estate, Legacy & Long-term care guidance


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