The Prudent Retiree- November 2017

“It ain’t over til it’s over.”

          - Yogi Berra

Through the years, Yogi Berra has been Prudent Retiree’s most quoted expert. He was a New York Yankee — peerless Hall of Fame catcher and part of more World Series Championships than any other player. When Yogi spoke, people listened. E.F. Hutton came later. His uncanny observations offer insightful perspective on the market.

The recurring question — Is the market too high? There has been an extraordinary increase over the past year. Prudent Retiree understands your concern, but as Yogi said “it ain’t over til it’s over.” True, he was talking about a baseball game. Anything could happen and that applies to the market today. We believe low inflation and interest rates will continue to favor the stock market. Our risk management model is positive for equities.

Yogi probably felt good about the outcome of the game when Joe DiMaggio or Mickey Mantle had homered and Whitey Ford was on the mound. He knew, though, the unexpected could happen and the Yankees could lose. We feel good about the market, but we continue to watch for unexpected risk and we’ll recommend appropriate action.

What is over is NPC. As you probably know, LPL Financial has acquired NPC and they will be our new broker/dealer partner. We’re excited and will keep you informed as the acquisition plays out.

Enjoy Thanksgiving, time with your family and all the trimmings.

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