The Prudent Retiree - December 2016

“If nominated I will not run,

If elected, I will not serve.”

-William Tecumseh Sherman

William Tecumseh Sherman was a renowned/notorious Union general during the Civil War. Feelings about him all depend on which side you were on. The same differing feelings have resulted from our recent election. News people are already asking Vice President Biden about his plans for 2020. To borrow some texting shorthand- OMG!

Prudent Retiree hopes the politicians give us a break and answer as Sherman did when asked about running in 1876.

Was it the War to Preserve the Union or the War of Northern Aggression? Will the post-election market euphoria last or not? Opinions vary. It is difficult at times to separate reaction to election results from our opinions about what the market will do. Beware of creating a cause and effect. Like always, the only opinion that really matters with investments is the market’s own. For the moment, conditions look favorable. Enjoy the holiday present.

Prudent Retiree wishes you all a wonderful holiday season. We are thankful for all of you and hope that 2017 is prosperous for all. It’s a good time of year to remember those less fortunate and do what you can.

For the record- if nominated, I will not run. If elected, I will not serve.

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